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Suppliers to the marine market

Castle Pumps have been suppliers of pumps, pump spares and associated equipment to the marine and offshore market since 1982, with a customer base including ship builders, marine resellers, ship management companies, ship owners and shipyards. With the marine industry making up such a large part of our business, it has naturally become an area in which our technical sales engineers have expert in the field knowledge.

For the marine industry, finding a trusted supplier is vital due to the potential costs and inconvenience caused by downtime. As approved members of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA), the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) and the British Association of Ship Suppliers, you can be confident in Castle Pumps’ ability to provide you with a quality pumping solution.

Breakdown or loss of performance can have serious consequences when manoeuvring in ports or operating at full speed in high seas, which is why Castle Pumps only supply pumps from quality manufacturers. We also pride ourselves on our service and fast turnaround; an important feature when a ship is waiting in dry dock for a new pump.

Our marine pump range

We are able to supply pumping solutions for all container vessels, ferries, super yachts, cargo ships, off shore rigs and support vessels for any offshore purpose. Our range includes pumps available with relevant marine certification and in materials such as bronze and nickel for protection against corrosion caused by sea water. The marine applications for which we supply pumps include but are not limited to:

  • Bilge pumps – For removing bilge water that may contain contaminants and sludge.
  • Deck washing pumps – For high pressure sea water pumping to remove debris/dirt from the deck
  • Ballast pumps – For transferring sea water to the ballast tank to ensure vessel stability.
  • Fuel transfer pumps - For transferring fuel and oil onto a cargo ship for transportation.
  • Sea water circulating pumps – For the circulation of sea water for engine cooling and air conditioning.
  • Boiler feed pumps – For feeding water/steam condensate into a vessel’s boiler.
  • Fish transfer pumps – For transferring sea water that may contain fish without harming them.
  • Grey water pumps– For transferring discharge water from showers/kitchens off a vessel.
  • Lubrication pumps – For lubricating gearboxes, engine and reduces on board to prevent seizing.
  • Reverse osmosis pumps - For converting seawater into fresh water by removing salts
  • LPG pumps - For transferring liquid petroleum gas
  • Thermal oil pumps - For feeding an oil burner or circulating oil in a boiler system

As well as marine pumps, we also supply control panels to be used in conjunction with our pumps, which can be tested and supplied with marine class certification upon request. This range of control panels provide you with added control and functionality in regards to your pumping system.

Some of our marine projects

The below case studies are just some examples of the pumping solutions we have provided over the years to our offshore/marine customers.

Asphalt carrier
2 x screw pumps for cargo boosting

Shipping company
2 x vertical immersion pumps for sea water sanitation.

Marine dredging company
Self priming centrifugal pump for dredging

Fleet management company
2 x vertical inline pumps for ballast filling

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes:

Our accreditation