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Low Temperature Anti-Freeze Circulating for Test Rig - Vane Pump

Customer: Aerospace Company

Application: Coolant Circulating Pump

Location: UK

Equipment supplied

1 x Bombas Trief BAL  Horizontal Positive Displacement Vane Pump

  • Application: Very Low Temperature Coolant Circulating
  • Fluid: Anti-Freeze (Water + Ethylene Glycol)
  • Concentration: 40 / 60%
  • Temperature: -40ºC
  • Viscosity: 100 cPs
  • SG: 1.3 - 1.5
  • Suction: Flooded
  • Flow Rate: 500 l/min
  • Discharge Pressure: 1 Bar
  • Geared Motor: 4 kW / 220-400v / 3 Phase / 50 Hz / IP55
  • Output Speed: 640 rpm
  • Body Material: Cast Iron
  • Shaft: F-114
  • Sealing: Mechanical w/ EPDM O-Rings


An Aerospace company was having issues sourcing a cooling circulating pump for a test rig that could handle the extremely low fluid temperatures of -40ºC. The idea for the test bed was to simulate the operating characteristics of an aircraft’s coolant line at high altitudes and therefore low ambient temperatures.

Most pump manufacturers and suppliers could only supply a circulating pump suitable for temperatures down to -5ºC. 


Having previously assisted the customer with other special requirements we were happy to take up the challenge. After determining that the fluid was indeed a fluid at the operating temperature and concentration we then examined what type of circulator pump would be required to handle both the specific gravity and extreme temperature of the fluid. We selected a robust positive displacement vane pump with an oversized motor suitable for use with an inverter to enable ultimate control of the pump during their testing programme. The mechanical seal and shaft were selected to suit the arduous fluid temperature.

We subsequently offered and supplied bespoke fittings and connections to facilitate easy installation into the customers test rig therefore facilitating a “Plug and Play” supply.

Castle Pumps understood how important this positive displacement vane pump was to the client’s operation, and we had confidence that we could supply them with a solution quickly, for a reasonable price and that was easily integrated into their set-up. The customer was happy with the relative ease that we selected such a bespoke solution within such a small time frame as well as the price!  

You can download this case study by clicking on the image below...

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