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Transfer of Hot, Viscous Bolognese Sauce - Food Grade Barrel Pump

Case Study Download

Customer: Food Production Company

Application: Bolognese sauce transfer

Equipment Supplied: Food grade barrel pump

Customer Location: UK

Equipment supplied

1 x Food Grade Eccentric Worm Drive Barrel Pump Kit

  • Model: Flux F560GS
  • Application: Transfer of bolognese sauce 
  • Installation: Vertical with a clamp to fit to the vessel
  • Pump body: Stainless Steel 316 – electro polished (FDA approved)
  • Stator: PTFE - Version for food contact according to Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and FDA conform (CFR 21 Part 177.1550)
  • Voltage: 230V 
  • Motor F457EL with no-volt release and variable speed control device


Flux Food Grade Barrel Pump

Castle Pumps received an enquiry from a new customer in the UK; a food manufacturer that wanted to increase production of spaghetti bolognese produced on site. They required a pump to transfer the hot, viscous product containing meat solids from a drum hygienically from production to packaging. The customer also wanted to be able to control the speed of delivery and use a nozzle to dispense the fluid. 

Due to the product being for human consumption, the solution of course needed to be food grade and easy to clean.

Key challenges:

  • Approved as safe for food handling
  • Capable of handing relatively soft solids
  • Ability to dispense using a nozzle without damage


Two days after receiving this enquiry we conducted a site visit to ensure the pump we specified met the installation requirements. Using our experience with food product transfer we knew a food grade barrel pump would be perfect for this application. The eccentric worm within the Flux pump is able to handle the meat solids and viscosity of the sauce by using a positive displacement design that generates the pressure needed to move the thick fluid.

Due to the customer wanting to dispense via a nozzle, we had to manufacturer a bespoke food grade “T piece” including pressure relief valve to recirculate the fluid back to the tank. Without this, when the nozzle is closed the pump would be working against a “dead head”, this would build up pressure and cause serious injury to the user and damage to the pump.

The food transfer pump supplied is fully food grade FDA approved to meet all the rules and regulations associated with products for human consumption. The body and connections of the tubeset are all stainless steel (316 Ti) electro polished, and it has minimal areas for food to congregate and for ease of cleaning. 

The end product was a bespoke design  food grade barrel pump kit complete with hoses and ancillaries, manufactured and delivered to our customer within 5 weeks. 

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.