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Diesel Transfer for Data Centre - Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

Customer: Data Centre

Application: Diesel transfer from back up tank to day tank

Location: UK

Equipment supplied

1 x Duplex (Duty / Standby) Self Priming Centrifugal Pump System 

  • Installed on to drip pan system
  • Flow and pressure monitoring gauges & switches 
  • Simplex basket filters w/ mounted differential pressure gauges & switches.


The customer wanted a drop in self-priming pump system which was capable of pumping and filtering diesel from bulk tanks and feeding generator systems within their data centre. The customer was finding that they couldn’t source a bespoke solution which would enable them to simply connect to and from on site without any further work required. The customer also struggled to find a supplier which was capable of designing and supplying a system which worked around their specific requirements. 


We were able to design, build and supply a ready to use self priming centrifugal pump solution which fitted all the customer’s criteria and more.

We provided the customer with in-house pressure drop calculations and a system design service, which enabled them to simply connect pipework and electrical cabling to and from the system on site.  Furthermore, we also suggested and added further features which increased the functionality of the system, see below:

  • Simplex basket strainers with mounted differential pressure gauges & switches were added, which provide a visual indication as to whether the baskets need cleaning and send a remote signal to the customers central control system to signal the requirement as well.
  • Filters were mounted onto a rail system which enabled them to be slid backwards and forwards from the pipework, to enable ease of alignment and removal for maintenance purposes.
  • A drip pan system with a conductivity probe was fitted, which sends a signal to the central control system in case the drip pan filled above a set level, indicating a leak or failure on the system.
  • We fitted flow switches to each of the pumps' discharge points, which sends a signal to the central control system providing the operator with a real time indication as to whether the self priming pumps are performing correctly.
  • Pressure gauges were staggered throughout the system to provide a visual indication of the NPSH available to the pumps, as well as the discharge pressure from the pumps, to ensure that the system is working efficiently.
  • A changeover valve was incorporated into the suction side of the system to allow for changeover of the operational filter, should any of the pumps or filters become inactive due to maintenance requirements or failure.
  • The drip pan system was fitted with robust lifting hooks to enable ease of transport and positioning on site.

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