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Food & Drink

Suppliers to the food and drink market

The food and drink manufacturing industry is known for its very precise requirements when it comes to the equipment used. Castle Pumps have been specifying and supplying specialist pumping solutions to the market for many years, which has enabled us to build up very market specific knowledge. 

Pumps being utilised within the food and drink industry have to comply with the strictest of hygiene standards to ensure that the handled product is suitable for human consumption and does not fall victim to contamination in the processing stage. Castle Pumps have built solid relationships with quality manufacturers of food grade pumps that meet the FDA regulations, 3A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG guidelines that govern the market, and can supply the relevant documentation to prove their compliance. 

FDA regulations state that food contact surfaces need to be smooth, free of cracks and crevices, non-absorbent, cleanable, non-toxic and corrosion resistant to ensure that no food or bacteria can harbour and contaminate the product. Food processing standards also state that very specific materials should be used to ensure of durability and corrosion resistance, mostly commonly this is stainless steel. Pumps for food handling also need to be constructed in a way that enables them to be easily taken apart and cleaned, or sometimes a feature referred to as Clean in Place (CIP) is required; the ability to be cleaned and sterilised without being removed from its installation. 

Our pump range for the food industry

Whether it be for syrup, milk, chocolate, or wine, for transferring into moulds on production lines or for dosing a specific amount of ingredient into a mixture, Castle Pumps have the pumping solution. Our knowledge ensures that we can advise on what type of pump is required for a particular food and drink industry application. Popular pumps for food and drink handling are rotary lobe, peristaltic, centrifugal and barrel pumps and certain types that we supply include:

Hygienic / Food grade pumps – These are pumps approved by the above food hygiene standards for handling food and drink for human consumption. However, in some circumstances a food grade pump is not required e.g. if the pump is being used an initial stage of food processing where the handled product is to be boiled afterwards. In these instances we offer a range of general food transfer pumps

Shear sensitive pumps – In the food and drink market, some pumps need to be suitable for transferring shear sensitive products e.g. grapes and olives that would be damaged by the shearing motion of a standard pump. 

Dosing pumps – These are required for accurately delivering specific quantities of an ingredient into a mixture, for example adding rapeseed oil into crisps or adding cake mixture into cases. 

Some of our food & drink projects

Below is an example case study of a project we have worked on within the food and industry:
Olive Oil Production Company 1 x 0.75kw Progressive Cavity Pump 

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