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Pulp & Paper

Suppliers to the pulp & paper market

Pumps are required for a multitude of applications throughout all stages in the pulp and paper industry; whether this is at the point of turning the raw material into pulp, or when converting pulp into paper, board or card. 

Pumps are required throughout the paper manufacturing process for the transportation of a variety of products with different properties including wood treatment chemical, glue, sodium silicate, bleaching products, colouring dyes and waste water. Consequently, Castle Pumps offer a range of different pump types used to deal with the different composition, viscosity and nature of the pumped mediums.

Castle Pumps understand that due to the heavy duty nature of pulp and paper applications, and the costly nature of downtime within the industry, reliable and durable pumps need to be supplied. Our 30 years of experience has allowed us to establish relationships with manufacturers of pumps that are able to operate efficiently under the harsh conditions of the paper manufacturing market.

Our pump range for the pulp & paper industry

The manufacturing pulp and paper requires the use of different chemicals at many stages including wood treatment, chemical pulping, adding additives to the paper stock and the coating, laminating and colouring of paper. Castle Pumps supply a range of chemical pumps including side channel, magnetic drive and centrifugal pumps ideal for the transfer of aggressive fluids, as well as accurate dosing pumps for the metering of quantities of these products. 

Sludge pumps, or slurry pumps as they are otherwise known, are commonly required in the pulp and paper industry, as numerous applications involve the handling of dirty, viscous and abrasive materials.

During the manufacture of certain paper, namely tissues and toilet paper, fibrous substances often still exist in the waste water after the fibrous water suspension process in the paper machine. Within the Castle Pumps range are progressive cavity pumps and peristaltic pumps for transferring this paper sludge away. As well as waste water containing sludge, liquid pulp and paper coatings are other viscous products that require similar pumps. 

Some of our pulp & paper projects

Below is an example case study of a project we have worked on within the pulp and paper industry:

Wood treatment facility
4 x Thermal Oil Pumps c/w motor and baseplate

Read our paper making industry guide for more information on the applications for which pumps are required within the production of paper, and the most suitable models for each stage in the process.

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