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Ballast Water Management Convention to come into force in 2017

Ballast Water Management Convention to come into force in 2017

13th September 2016

Back in December 2015, Castle Pumps posted a news story on how support was growing for the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention) and how this would impact the marine industry. At this point, Morocco and Indonesia had just formally given their approval and signed the convention, which left the industry waiting in anticipation on whether it would soon be put into force.

On 8th September, Finland joined the other 51 states that have formally accepted the BWM convention, who together equate to 35.1441% of the world’s merchant shipping tonnage. With the treaty stating that ballast water management will become mandatory once at least 30 states, representing 35% of total merchant shipping tonnage are in agreement, the convention will officially come into force on 8th September 2017.

What does this mean for the maritime industry?

Whilst ballast water is vital for the safe and efficient operation of modern ships, because of the marine species including bacteria, microbes, larvae and small invertebrates often within the water, it can potentially lead to significant ecological and economic issues associated with spreading these outside of their native home.

The Ballast Water Management (BWM) convention is aimed at preventing the spread of these species through ballast water being discharged from ships all over the world. It states that ships of all sizes carrying dischargeable ballast water must install a system to treat ballast water and remove any unwanted organisms. Ships will also have to carry a Ballast Water Record Book which will be needed.

The Ballast Water Management standards will be phased in overtime from the 8th September 2017, so vessels need to begin looking at the actions they need to take to comply.

How can Castle Pumps help?

Castle Pumps have been supplying pumping solutions to the marine and offshore market for many years, with the industry becoming a large focus of our sales engineers. We are the UK agent of Azcue Pumps; a specialist manufacturer of pumps for the marine market that have been involved in over 10,000 vessel builds. 

New ballast water management systems will need pumps installed for sea water transfer and circulation. View our range of ballast pumps or alternatively fill out our pump specification form and we will specify the best solution for your requirements. 

For more information visit the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) website which lay out the guidelines of the convention in more details.

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