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IE3 Efficiency Standards – Now in force

IE3 Efficiency Standards - Now in force

28th January 2015

Energy consumed by industrial electric motors equates to approximately 30-40% of all energy generated worldwide. With the world becoming more and more concerned about energy efficiency and resources running out, every industry has been impacted in some way. In the pump market, electric motors are now governed by the IEC standards of energy efficiency – with January 2015 seeing the most recent stage take effect.

The IEC 60034-30 Standards specify the energy efficiency classes for single speed, three phase, 50-60Hz, cage-induction motors that have 2, 4 or 6 poles, have a rated voltage up to 1000v and are either continuous duty of intermittent duty with a cyclic duration factor of 80% or higher. 

In the June of 2011, it was made a legal requirement for electric motors that fall within the IEC Standards, to be a minimum of IE2 efficiency rated. However, on the first of this month it became compulsory for 7.5kW to 375kW electric motors to comply with energy efficiency class IE3. The IE2 motors previously on the market are now no longer compliant, unless operating alongside a variable speed drive. The 1st January also saw the Minimum Efficiency Index of pumps increase from 0.1 to 0.4, meaning that manufacturers now need to ensure that their pumps are even more efficient in order to achieve a CE marking. 

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In line with this legislation, Castle Pumps supply IE2 motors below 7.5kW and IE3 motors over 7.5kW and above, with pumps complying with a minimum MEI value of 0.4. As these standards do not apply to offshore or marine applications, we can still supply IE1 motors for such uses. We are also able to supply variable speed drives, or inverters as they are otherwise referred to, for retrofitting to IE2 motors that are specified for use with an inverter. Particular pumps in our range are also ErP accredited; complying with the Energy-Related Products Directive, part of the EU environmental policy.

Please note that there will be a further update to the IEC Standards in January 2017, where will see the introduction of IE3 for motors from 0.75kW to 375kW. 

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