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Pumping solutions for the alternative energy market

Pumping solutions for the alternative energy market

3rd March 2016

With issues of climate change, global warming and fossil fuels dominating worldwide environmental discussions over the past couple of decades, alternative sources of energy have been developed in an attempt to combat such problems. Consequently, we have seen a rise in such energy sources being adopted including wind turbines, tidal power and anaerobic digestion; all of which have applications that require the use of pumps. Castle Pumps offer a range of pumping solutions required by the alternative energy market. Energy Market - Copyright

Tidal power, or hydropower as it is also referred to, uses sea water cooling pumps for the cooling down of the turbines used to create the tides, in order to prevent the system from overheating. Castle Pumps offer a large range of robustly built Azcue centrifugal pumps, which have been successfully tried and tested for many years in marine environments where their role is to cool down the vessel engine using sea water. Models with frequency inverters are available to ensure that the pumps are only running at full power when they need to limit energy costs. These centrifugal pumps are available in bronze, making them ideal for the transfer of sea transfer and if space saving is a requirement then vertical inline pumps are able to be supplied.

To ensure they are continuously moving fluidly, wind turbines need their gearboxes and bearings sufficiently lubricated and cooled with high viscosity oil. Castle Pumps supply a range of screw pumps and gear pumps to the wind turbine market for this very application, thanks to their smooth, low pulsation method of pumping high viscosity fluids. The Azcue range of screw pumps that Castle Pumps offer are renown in the marine market for their use in lubrication applications.

The anaerobic digestion market is an area in which Castle Pumps have been increasingly supplying pumping solutions to over the last couple of years. The process of fermenting manure, food waste and crops to generate energy requires the use of pumps at a number of stages. Because of the viscous and sludgy nature of the medium being handled here, Castle Pumps supply a range of Nova Rotor progressive cavity pumps to the industry thanks to their highest solid passing capability on the market. Read more on how we supply the AD market here.

For more information on how we can help with your pumping requirements for alternative energy sources, please contact our technical sales engineers on +44 (0) 1773 533 283.

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