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What does ESOS mean for the pump industry?

What does ESOS mean for the pump industry?

9th March 2015

In order to implement Article 8(4) of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, the UK government have established the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). This programme requires all large companies to take a self-diagnostic approach to establishing their energy use and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and consequently their energy bills.

ESOS makes it mandatory for companies with more than 250 employees, or an annual turnover in excess of €50 million to undertake an audit on their total energy consumption by 5th December 2015, and every four following years. The second stage in this scheme requires companies to identify areas in which they can become more energy efficient and can feasibly implement by December 5th 2019, which they then need to report on to the Environment Agency who are acting as the scheme administrator.

So how does this impact upon the pumping industry? It’s been commonly reported that energy consumed by electric motors alone amounts to 65% of the UK’s industrial energy consumption, and 30-40% of all energy generated worldwide. This means that there are likely to be some huge energy savings from the motors used within pumps.

Available in the Castle Pumps range are ErP accredited pumps, complying with the Energy-Related Products Directive such as the Standart SNMSNT models. However, another important way in which companies can reduce the energy consumption of their pumps is by utilising a variable speed drive (VSD), or inverter as they are otherwise known. Essentially, if an application does not require the pump’s motor to run at full speed, a VSD can be used to regulate its speed, provided that the pump in question is rated for VSD use.

When auditing your pump systems remember that the BPMA are the body to train and certify personnel who undertake pumping system assessments, as referenced in the UK Government Energy Strategy documents. 

For more information on reducing your pumps’ energy consumption, please contact our technical sales engineers. 

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