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Bespoke Pump Skid Units

Bespoke pump skid unit supplier

Castle Pumps have been supplying manufacturing plants and process industries including food, pharmaceutical, paper, metal and petrochemical with packaged pump systems for many years. The experience we have gained allows us to specify a customer solution that matches your application and process requirements exactly. No two processes are exactly the same and we account for that!

We can take a customer application brief and devise a completely tailored modular process skid pump unit for any application from fuel delivery to chemical processing to waste water treatment. The benefit of the modular pump skid design is that it is a complete packaged assembly on a self contained platform, that is easily transported and installed in one go to perform a process, rather than components being sourced and installed independently. Skid mounted pump options include base plates, frames, trolleys, bunds and tanks/IBCs depending upon the process at hand. Our bespoke skid mounted packages typically comprise of components such as:

  • Pumps
  • Flow meters
  • FiltersSkid Pump Enquiry
  • Hose reels
  • Valves
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Level, temperature & flow sensors/probes
  • Control panels

Diesel transfer skid

Example module process systems we've supplied

Diesel supply skid mounted system to feed generators 

Self priming dual diesel transfer pump and dual filter skids installed onto a drip pan system with flow and pressure monitoring gauges.

Skid mounted pumping system

20% glycol/water transfer skid for refrigeration system 

Three frame mounted, horizontal centrifugal packaged pump assemblies with pressure gauges and valves; one with two pumps, one with three and one with four.

Lube oil skid

Various gear, hydraulic & lube oil transfer skid for on board a lorry 

Wirelessly remote controlled, diesel driven gear pump set with 30m hose reel and bunded skid mounted system for dispensing from a 1000litre IBC on board articulated lorry. Read full specification sheet.

Batch fuel delivery skid mounted pump

Batch fuel delivery skids from bulk tanks

Trolley mounted gear pump with flow meter and control panel, for mobile batch fuel delivery from bulk tanks into smaller containers or tankers.

Fuel Transfer Skid

Fuel transfer skid system for emptying underground tanks

A portable, trolley mounted flexible impeller pump skid designed for emptying underground diesel tanks and transferring the fuel to other tanks. Supplied with a variable speed drive motor, meter and hose kits.


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