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Fuel Conditioners

What is the Purafiner?

Purafiner magnetic fuel conditioners are a magnetic treatment unit used to breakdown bacteria growth in fuel tanks. Bacteria growth generally occurs due to certain environmental conditions being present enabling the bacteria to multiply. The main causes of bacteria growth in fuel tanks are:

  • The increased uptake of biofuels
  • Water present within tanks
  • Condensation and warmth being present

The Purafiner magnetic fuel conditioners break down the molecular bonds within the bacteria allowing it to pass through filters and be burned by the engine. These units are commonly used by:

  • Fleet operators
  • Bunker Ship operators
  • Oil Rigs
  • Marine Engineers
  • Ship Builders
  • Ship Owners

Larger versions are used on fuel bunker ships in Holland and BP in the Netherlands. Units can be fitted to any system transferring fuel such as tractors, buses, lorries, tankers, and plant equipment manufacturers. 

Models available

There are a number of versions available of the Purafiner magnetic fuel conditioners:

ModelSizesFlow RatePressureImage
ETS1/2" to 2"650lpm10 bar

FXB8mm to 12mm8lpm6.5 bar

FXT1/4" to 1/2"8lpm6.5 bar

HVSF1 1/4" to 8" (ABS Approved)1800m3h16 bar

How do magnetic fuel conditioners work?

The magnetic conditioning of fuel is an environmentally friendly means of removing bacteria contamination. The magnetic conditioner is not a filter, it is a fuel conditioner designed to break down bacterial growth to enable passage through filters and combustion by the main engine. The bacteria and mould found within fuel are single celled and are surrounded by a membrane containing the bacteria’s protein otherwise known as the bacteria’s fuel which is key to its survival. The membrane also separates the internal cell from the external environment and Ions present within the cell travel across the membrane which is crucial for the organism to survive. When the cells of the bacteria are subject to a magnetic field the ions present within the cell are unable to maintain the cell structure causing to the bacteria to breakdown and randomly disperse, remaining suspended in the fuel. Due to their sub-micron size they are able to pass through filters and be combusted by the main engine leaving no trace.

There are several benefits to using magnetic conditioners:

  • Increased fuel filter life by the order of 10 or more.
  • Eliminate the blockage of fuel lines.
  • Reduced wear and tear on fuel injection equipment.
  • Reduced damage to fuel tank coatings.
  • Reduced corrosion in fuel storage systems.
  • Elimination of coalescer malfunction.
  • Improved combustion process with increased efficiency resulting in better engine performance and cleaner exhausts

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