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As an authorised Liverani pump supplier for many years, Castle Pumps have built an established direct relationship with the factory in Italy, allowing us to offer you competitive pricing, shorter lead times and knowledgeable product advice. We provide the full range of Liverani pumps; an efficient and reliable solution where budget maybe be a key factor. As a Liverani supplier, we offer genuine spare parts, pump replacements and technical support before and after the sale, saving your engineers time.

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Benefits of Liverani Flexible Impeller Pump Design

  • A highly cost effective solution for a pump as versatile and capable as this
  • Solid handling up to 25mm with the ability to self-prime up to 6m
  • Applies low shear, meaning they are ideal for delicate fluids that can be damaged or altered by other pump types
  • Reversible operation for tank to tank transfer and cleaning solution to run through after use for CIP
  • Food grade – FDA certified EPDM/NBR impellers and Stainless Steel sanitary full enclosures available
  • Smooth, steady pumping, providing a consistent flow for accurate dosing and filling applications
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Past Liverani Pump Project

Castle Pumps has helped hundreds of clients to find the best solution for their applications over the last 10 years, whether that be new installations or replacement Liverani pumps.

Read the case study and find out how we helped one of our clients, a brewery company in Scotland, that needed a portable hygienic pump for the transfer of beer within their factory. As a Liverani pump supplier, we decided the best option would be a food-grade Liverani pump with tri-clamp connections to meet the necessary standards within the food industry.

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Looking for Liverani pump spares or replacement?

As a Liverani pump supplier, we offer genuine spare parts and exact replacements for existing flexible impeller pumps and side channel pumps. From impellers and shafts to casings and o-rings, we provide everything you need for your Liverani pump. We have extensive product knowledge and experience, meaning we can answer all your technical question and dispatch your order within short lead times.

Please make sure you provide the model and serial number found on the pump nameplate to quote as quickly as possible.

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Need help to select the right pump for your application? Contact us via or +44 (0) 1773 533 283; our technical sales engineers have extensive product knowledge and will be able to help you.

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.