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Side Channel Pumps

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Liquid ring pumps for clean fluids & gas content

Castle Pumps offer a range of dependable side channel pumps or liquid ring pumps as they are otherwise known. The beauty of the liquid ring pump design is its hybrid design. As it initially functions as a displacement pump it is self priming, but once the side channels are filled, it operates like a centrifugal pump. Our range of side-channel pumps are suitable for high pressure pumping of most clean fluids including water, fuels, light lubricants, and can also handle chemicals such as ammonia pumped at close to boiling point and up to 50% gas content. So, if you need a pumping solution for clean fluids in low flow/high head applications, the side channel pump is perfect for your application. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have already solved your pumping problem whilst helping another client just like you. 

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The benefits of our Side Channel pump range

  • Type approved models for marine applications, food grade & ATEX certification
  • Models for up to 50% entrained air content and temperatures up to 220°C
  • Options with magnetic coupling to reduce leaking when handling aggressive fluids.
  • Pressure capabilities of up to 120 bar.
  • Excellent self-priming and perfect solutions for applications with difficult suction conditions such as the emptying of a fuel tank.
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Past Side Channel Pump Project

Using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we supplied carefully selected pumping solutions to the marine and industrial market for many years.

Read our case study and find how we helped one of our clients, an aerospace company, that needed pumps that could handle aviation fuel at varying and varying flow rates at their aviation fuel test rigs. We select and customise suitable pumps from our ATEX side channel pump range that fit the client's exacting specification. We can customise pumps for many clients, which is one of our prime examples of taking a pump and modifying it so that it is suitable for conditions natural for that industry.

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Side Channel Pump Guide

Side channel pumps have a working principle that is a middle ground between the two main pump families; centrifugal and positive displacement. They are designed for low flow, high pressure applications concerning low viscosity, clean fluids including those being handled at high temperatures and containing a level of gas. The pump technology has numerous benefits and is ideal for application including pressure boosting, boiler feed and condensation extraction.

To explain all the design benefits and suitable application for side channel pumps we have created a product guide that provides all the information you need. 

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Need help to select the right pump for your application? Contact us via or +44 (0) 1773 533 283; our technical sales engineers have extensive product knowledge and will be able to help you.

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.