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Azcue KB Progressive Cavity Pump

Abrasive Solids & Viscous Fluid Pump

Azcue KB Progressive Cavity Pump
Flow Rate Up to 147m³/hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 48 bar
Outlet Sizes DN20-50
Max Temperature 140°C
Max Viscosity 200,000 mPas

Flow Rate Up to 147m³/hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 48 bar
Outlet Sizes DN20-50
Max Temperature 140°C
Max Viscosity 200,000 mPas

The Azcue KB Progressive Cavity Pump is a quality and robustly constructed solution designed the transferring of difficult fluids even over long distances thanks to the high pressures they can achieve. Thanks to its low internal velocity of helical rotor pumps, the KB can transfer viscous liquids containing particles and contaminants efficiently such as sewage and slurries, as well as shear sensitive mediums that have a structure can be impacted when high shear is applied.

The KB is a more compact and cost effective progressive cavity pump compared to the KL model, as rather than having a bearing bracket, the motor is close coupled directly to the pump housing. Available in smaller sizes and at lower flows than the KL, it is ideal for less abrasive conditions and smaller volumes of liquid being transferred, whilst still being able to handle solids up to 95mm.

In order to ensure reliable operation and a long service life, the KB eccentric screw pump has a fully encapsulated cardan shaft and joint with lifetime lubricated needle roller bearings that prevent wear and mean they don’t need to be regularly maintained. It also benefits from joint connections that have continuous diameters, ensuring there is a constant flow within the suction housing and blockages do not occur.

For more information on how progressing cavity pumps operate and the applications for which they are most suited, read our guide.

Features of the KB Progressing Cavity Pump:

  • High pressure progressing cavity pump
  • Self priming to handle difficult suction conditions
  • Enables the free passage of solids up to 95mm
  • Max viscosity of 200,000 mPas
  • Compact close coupled pump head to drive
  • Lifetime lubricated roller bearings
  • Equivalent diameter joint connections to prevent blockages
  • Low pulsation, continuous flow
  • Suction housing with large inspection and clean openings
  • Easy to replace cartridge format seal package
  • Available in cast iron or stainless steel
  • Electric or hydraulic motor driven
  • DN20 - 24mm, 0.01-4.6M³H, 48 bar
  • DN30 - 51mm, 0.04-32M³H, 48 bar
  • DN50 - 95mm, 0.34-147M³H, 48 bar

Material options for the KB eccentric screw pump:

 Cast IronConstruction Grade SteelStainless SteelHardened Tool SteelFPMSiliconeEPDMPOM
Joint XX     
Rotor  XX    
Stator    XXXX
Marine Applications:Industrial Applications:
  • Oily or dirty bilge water
  • Black/grey water pump including toilet waste
  • Highly contaminated water water pump
  • Fish waste and guts
  • Any viscous fluids
  • Refinery oil sludge
  • Cargo and marine fuel transfer
  • Sewage pumping
  • Slurries, mud and sludge transfer
  • Highly contaminated waste water pump
  • Food waste, organic matter and biowaste
  • Paper and pulp
  • Shear sensitive products
  • Any viscous fluids and fuels

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