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Grundfos SQE1 Series Model B Borehole Pump

Borehole Water Pump

Grundfos SQE1 Series Model B Borehole Pump
Flow Rate Up to 1.7M³H
Max Head (Pressure) Up to 210M
Outlet Sizes 1 - 1 ¼”
Max Temperature 35°C

Flow Rate Up to 1.7M³H
Max Head (Pressure) Up to 210M
Outlet Sizes 1 - 1 ¼”
Max Temperature 35°C

The Grundfos SQE1 Series Model B Borehole Pump is a submersible ground water pump that can be used in the same applications as the SQ borehole water pump series, but with the addition of variable speed through frequency control. This enables the submersible borehole pumps to be set at any duty point in the range between the pumps minimum and maximum performance curves. These deep well pumps are able to operate under a regulated constant pressure when used with the CU300 and CU301 control boxes. The SQE series are fitted with either a single phase Grundfos MSE-3 or MSE-3NE motor up to 1.85Kw.

  • Domestic water supply, ground water, rain water.
  • Variable speed motor.
  • Permanent magnet motor with high efficiency.
  • The CU300 and CU301 allow for full control of the SQE pumps.
  • Constant pressure is maintained within the maximum pump performance despite varying water consumption.
  • The CU301 Has the possibility of adjusting the pressure and an alarm (LED) indicates when service is needed.
  • The CU300 offers easy adjustment to a specific borehole and an alarm indication of pump operation by diodes on the front.
  • The pumps can be started, stopped or rested simply via means of a push button.
  • The option of the R100 remote control allows for monitoring of the situation and changing of the factory settings.
  • Single phase 50 / 60Hz motors.
  • SQE 1-35
  • SQE 1-35N
  • SQE 1-50
  • SQE 1-50N
  • SQE 1-65
  • SQE 1-65N
  • SQE 1-80
  • SQE 1-80N
  • SQE 1-95
  • SQE 1-95N
  • SQE 1-110
  • SQE 1-110N
  • SQE 1-125
  • SQE 1-125N
  • SQE 1-140
  • SQE 1-140N
  • SQE 1-155
  • SQE 1-155N


EN 1.4301 AISI 304

EN 1.4401 AISI 316


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