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Liverani Special Side Channel Pump

Circulating Pump & Condensate Pump

Liverani Special Side Channel Pump
Liverani Special Side Channel Pump
Flow Rate Up to 13.8 m³/Hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 30 M
Max Temperature Max. 100°C
Max Viscosity Up to 100 cP
Outlet Sizes ¾” up to 2”

Flow Rate Up to 13.8 m³/Hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 30 M
Max Temperature Max. 100°C
Max Viscosity Up to 100 cP
Outlet Sizes ¾” up to 2”

The Liverani Special Series is a bareshaft and belt driven side channel pump range and benefit from a hygienic construction. These models of liquid ring pump are commonly used on board trucks and tractors, as well as general industry for a variety of transfer and offloading applications of clean and low viscosity fluids. Popular applications involve sea water, fuels, chemicals, food grade liquids such as edible oils and juices. They are also able to handle liquids with up to 50% gas content and high temperature fluids allowing liquids to be pumped closed to boiling point

These side channel pumps are tough, robust and easily serviced, which self-priming quickly without need for a non return valve and work continuously over a wide range of engine speeds.

Features of the Special Series Liquid Ring Pump:

  • Bareshaft and belt-driven liquid ring pump
  • Self priming up to 6m without the need of a non return valve
  • Reversible operation
  • Low risk of cavitation due to low NPSHr
  • Short period of dry running
  • Hygienic construction
  • Transfer of fluids with gases and vapour in suspension without a pulsing effect
  • Manual by-pass option on bronze units for manual adjustment of capacity.
  • Supplied with BSP M Fittings as standard and free issued hose tail / pipe fittings
  • Operating Speeds up to 3600 rpm
  • Pulley Systems available: ø70x1A & ø80x2A
  • Connection types available DIN, BSP Male & female, Triclover, SMS, RJT, Friederich, Macron, Garolla
  • Available accessories include temperature sensors, pressure switches, level sensors, timer switches for set times, remote controls and radio control
  • Pumps can be supplied free standing, with base plates, on trolleys and even with carrying handles for smaller models
  • Various Stainless Steel AISI 304 Pipe Fittings for easy integration of the pump into existing applications are available on request to match any of the above connection types. 

Key Benefits:

50 Gas Content1.png


Description Bronze Stainless Steel AISI 316 Nitrile (NBR) Natural Rubber (NR) Neoprene (CR) EPDM Silicon (VMQ) Ceramic / Graphite / NBR Ceramic / Graphite / Viton Widia / SiC / Viton
Part List
Pump Body
Mechanical Seal


1. Changes in Mechanical Seal Materials are at cost. All pumps are supplied with Ceramic / Graphite / NBR as standard.

Thanks to the following features the Liverani Special side channel pump is an option that can be applied to many application requirements.

  • Hygienic construction - The Stainless Steel model is food grade making it safe for use with products for human consumption. Tri-clamp coupling available.
  • High entrained gas capabilities - Liquids with up to 50% gas content can be handled without any dry run damage e.g condensate
  • Low NPSH required - Can pump liquids close to boiling point without risk of cavitation such as LPG 
  • High temperature handling - Liquids can be transferred at temperatures up to 165°C which is where other pumping technologies fail
  • Reversible operation – Allows cleaning solution to be ran through after use for hygienic pump applications, and tank to tank transfer applications.
  • Self-priming up to 6m – Enables the emptying of tanks and drums without a non-return valve or regular manual priming being required.
  • Various accessories available - Trolley for portability, bypass valve for nozzle dispensing, control panel, variable speed drive, level sensors and dry run protection

Like centrifugal pumps, side channel pumps have narrow tolerances that make them suited to only clean, low viscosity fluid free from solids. However, their uses do vary. Firstly, side channel pumps can handle high temperature fluids that are pumped close to boiling point and also can pump fluids that contain up to 50% gas content with little interruption to fluid flow. Their hygienic design and their reversible operation means that the Liverani Special liquid ring pump is ideal for the below applications:

Marine Applications: Industrial Applications:
  • Fresh and sea water pump
  • Boiler feed
  • Condensate extraction
  • Aquaculture recirculation systems
  • Low viscosity fuel and lubrication transfer
  • Hot water transfer
  • Condensate extraction
  • LPG
  • Low viscosity fuel and lubrication transfer
  • Process water and chemical pumping
  • Corrosive acids and solvents
  • Juices, edbile oils and drinks manufacturing
  • Refrigerants and coolants

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