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Savino Barbera BS Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pump

Chemical Pump & Sea Water Cooling Pump

Savino Barbera BS Centrifugal Vertical Immersion PumpSavino Barbera BS Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pump
Flow Rate Up to 47m³/hr
Max Head Up to 2.8 bar
Outlet Sizes DN20 – DN100
Max Temperature 90°C

Flow Rate Up to 47m³/hr
Max Head Up to 2.8 bar
Outlet Sizes DN20 – DN100
Max Temperature 90°C

The Savino Barbera BS Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pump has a cantilever shaft without mechanical seal or guide bushings. Thanks to being available in a range of sizes between 250mm and 3m, these vertically immersed sump pumps are suitable for a variety of tank sizes. Constructed in either PP, PVC, PVDF or PE-HD, these vertical turbine pumps can handle a range of aggressive liquids and can handle solids where present.

There are no sliding parts which enables the pumps to be suitable for liquids which crystallise, with suspended particles or in which a crust forms. These cantilever pumps are commonly used for chemical transfer, recirculation of chemicals to prevent separation, water treatment, sea water cooling, metallurgical industry, press filters, picking plants, galvanising and scrubber systems.

  • Vertical centrifugal immersion pump
  • Lengths from 250mm – 3m
  • Anti-vibration RFP reinforcement is supplied for longer length versions
  • Can handle solids sized 4mm to 7mm
  • Constructed with a double acting impeller ensuring the liquid is hydraulically sealed
  • Shafts are constructed using cantilever design, without intermediate support, where no sliding parts are in contact with the liquid enabling the pump to be used for liquids which crystallise, or crustations form
  • Suction lines available for emptying the deepest of tanks
  • PVC support plates available in standard set sizes or cut according to customer requirements
  • Outlet ports available in flanged, female BSP or with hose connector
  • Available with open, closed or recessed impeller to match duty requirements.
  • Pump shaft directly keyed to motor ensures zero chance of coupling slippage
  • Motors available in 50 or 60hz with IP55 as standard
  • BS 20 A – 0.25Kw. Max flow 4.5m³h, max head 6M.W.C, 400mm standard length.
  • BS 30 B – 1.1Kw. Max flow 10m³h, max head 14M.W.C, 550mm standard length.
  • BS 40 A – 1.5Kw. Max flow 15m³h, max head 18M.W.C, 550mm standard length.
  • BS 50 B – 3Kw. Max flow 24m³h, max head 18M.W.C, 700mm standard length.
  • BS 70 A – 5.5Kw. Max flow 38m³h, max head 25M.W.C, 900mm standard length.
  • BS 80 A – 7.5Kw. Max flow 47m³h, max head 28M.W.C, 900mm standard length.

The Savino Barbera BS Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Column Pumps are available with the following material options:

Pump HeadXXXX

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