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Savino Barbera GP Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pump

Chemical Pump & Sea Water Cooling Pump

Savino Barbera GP Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pump
Flow Rate Up to 145 m³/hr
Max Head Up to 4.1 Bar
Outlet Sizes DN80 – DN125
Max Temperature 90°C

Flow Rate Up to 145 m³/hr
Max Head Up to 4.1 Bar
Outlet Sizes DN80 – DN125
Max Temperature 90°C

The Savino Barbera GP Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pump is a thermoplastic pump designed for high flow chemical applications thanks to its volute pump casing. The GP series of vertical cantilever pumps are available in sizes between 250mm and 3m, and constructed in a choice of PP, PVC, PVDF or PE-HD. These centrifugal immersion pumps are therefore suitable for a wide range of liquids including those containing solids. 

The vertically immersed sump pumps have been constructed to ensure there is no contact between the fluid and metal parts. Popular uses of this range include chemical transfer, aqua culture, water treatment, recirculation of chemicals to prevent separation, truck unloading and surface treatment, and are commonly used as sea water cooling pumps.

Features of the GP Vertical Cantilever Pump:

  • Vertical centrifugal immersion pump
  • Pump lengths from 250mm up to 3m
  • Anti-vibration RFP reinforcement is supplied for longer pumps
  • Able to handle solids from 4mm to 7mm
  • Shafts are constructed using cantilever design, without intermediate support, fitted with bushings flushed by the pumped liquid and manufactured from PTFE, ceramic or silicon carbide
  • PVC support plates available in standard set sizes or cut according to desired size
  • Discharge ports available in flanged, female BSP, or a hose connector
  • Available with open, closed or recessed impeller to match duty requirements.
  • Choice of materials includes PP, PVC, PVDF, or PE-HD
  • Available with inlet filter to eliminate solids
  • Pump shaft directly keyed to motor ensures zero chance of coupling slippage
  • Available in 50 or 60hz with IP55 motors as standard
  • GP80A - 15Kw. Max flow 105m³h, max head 35M.W.C, 800mm min to 3000mm max Length.
  • GP80B – 18.5Kw. Max flow 120m³h, max head 45M.W.C, 800mm min to 3000mm max Length.
  • GP100D – 9.2Kw. Max flow 125m³h, max head 16M.W.C, 800mm min to 3000mm max Length.
  • GP125D - 15Kw. Max flow 150m³h, max head 24M.W.C, 800mm min to 3000mm max Length.

The GP Centrifugal Vertical Immersion Pumps are available with the following material options:

Pump HeadXXXX

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