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Emptying Toilet Waste Onboard Highland Railways - Peristaltic Pumps

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Customer: Highland Railways 

Application: Portable toilet waste 

Equipment Supplied: 2 x close coupled peristaltic hose pumps

Location: UK

Equipment supplied

2 x Horizontal close coupled peristaltic pumps

  • Type: FMP-40
  • Application: Emptying of portable toilet waste on board a train
  • Drive Details: 0.75kW, 1450 RPM, 230v, 50hZ, Single Phase, IP55
  • Flow: 1495 L/hour @ 29 RPM
  • Pressure: 8 Bar


Our customer was having difficulties with their current pumps that they were using to empty portable toilet waste from onboard the train. The main problem they were experiencing is that they kept getting clogged as they were struggling to handle wet wipes and therefore periodically failing to operate. 

Not only were the sewage pumps clogging resulting in unncessary downtime and the toilets being temporarily out of use, maintenance costs in terms of engineer time and spare part costs to replace the damaged valves and seals were signficantly increasing.

Key Challenges:

  • Ability to handle solid laden fluids
  • High suction lift required
  • Needed to fit into existing installation

Peristlatic Hose Pump for Sewage


We supplied our customer with two close coupled peristaltic pumps. These are the ideal solution, thanks to their ability to handle large solids without blocking. As the inner hose is the only wearing part, unlike the existing pump design there are no valves to clog or seals to fail, which straight away helped to reduce their existing maintenance costs and likeliness of pump downtime.

As the pumps had to fit into an existing installation, they were required to lift the effluent around 6 metres, which is no problem for self priming peristaltic hose pumps. Thanks to our close relationship with the manufacturer, we were able to also get the inlet and outlet connections rotated upwards, so that the customer had little pipework changes to consider.

This resulted in a significant reduction in pump downtime and maintenance costs!

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