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Bulk Lube Offloading System for Mining Machinery - Screw & AOD Pumps

Customer: Mining Company

Location: Egypt

Equipment supplied

Lube Oil Pumps

4 x 3” Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

  • Application: Bulk Lube Oil Transfer Pump
  • Fluids: 15wW/40 Engine oil, 30W Hydraulic Oil and 50W Transmission Oil
  • Flow: 600-800 Litres/min
  • Head: 5m
  • Pump casing: Aluminium
  • Diaphragms: Nitrile

4 x Horizontal Triple Screw Pump
Azcue BT-HM Range

  • Application: Bulk Lube Oil Transfer Pump
  • Fluids: 15wW/40 Engine oil, 30W Hydraulic Oil and 50W Transmission Oil.
  • Viscosity: 75-380 cSt
  • Flow: 4.5m³/hr
  • Total head: 1 bar
  • NPSHr: 3 m
  • Power: 2,2 kW
  • Voltage: 380V-III
  • Freq: 50 Hz
  • RPM: 2900
  • P. casing: Ductile Cast Iron
  • C. spindle: Nitride Steel
  • L. spindle: Nitride Cast Iron


An existing mining customer of Castle Pumps was upgrading their bulk lube oil offloading system and required four electrically driven pumps and four air driven lubrication pumps. They were unloading a combination of 15wW/40 Engine oil, 30W Hydraulic Oil and 50W Transmission Oil for their onsite machinery. The oils would be unloaded from 20,000 litre trucks to their bulk lube oil tanks. They required lube oil pumps that could transfer the various viscosity oils in a quick and reliable manner.


We selected electrically driven screw pumps and air operated diaphragm pumps for this application. From experience, we knew that our range of triple screw pumps could easily handle the varying viscosity oils while maintaining a consistent flow rate and pressure. These pumps are fitted with built in safety valves to protect the screw pump against any increases in pressure, this provided a reliable solution that would ensure the transfer operation ran efficiently.

The 3” diaphragm pumps consisted of an aluminium casing and nitrile diaphragms and could achieve a flow rate of between 600 and 800 l/min. The flow rate is easily adjusted by controlling the rate of air flow into the pump from the compressor. These AODD pumps can self-prime and are able to handle oils of varying viscosities; they can also be run dry in instances where no fluid is entering the pump.

This project is a prime of example of where Castle Pumps has provided various types of pumps into one package to ensure the customer has one point of contact for their lubrication oil pumping requirements.

You can download this case study by clicking on the image below...

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