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Understanding Azcue Pump Model Numbers

The Handy Guide to Understanding Azcue Pump Model Numbers 

If you take a look at an Azcue pump name plate, which is usually screwed into the top of the pump body, along with a 6-digit serial number you will see the model name/number. To the untrained eye this could just be a mixture of random letters and numbers, but when you know what you’re looking for an Azcue pump’s model number can tell a thousand stories…

What can the Azcue Pump model number tell you?

The first two letters (e.g. LN), or 4 letters if they are hyphenated (e.g. BT-HM) of an Azcue pump’s model number always depict the pump type e.g. the overall series name. Following that, the details can give you an insight into various specifications of the pump in question that can differ within the range.

Each family of Azcue pumps follow the same model number path, however the information does differ between the pump families. Therefore, if you’re looking at the name plate of a centrifugal pump, you can apply the same logic to another centrifugal pump, but not to an Azcue screw pump. 

Azcue Centrifugal Pumps

Below is a typical model number of an LN Azcue centrifugal pump. If the pump is supplied with an additional priming pump to aid suction capabilities a VP (for vacuum priming) or EP (for electric priming) will be present. Those Azcue pumps supplied without a priming pump will not include anything here. In the example below the 50 represents the discharge flange size i.e. the size of the pump, and the 250 represents the diameter of the impeller, which is specified to produce the pump’s required duty. 

Azcue Side Channel Pumps

Like the centrifugal pumps, Azcue side channel pumps start with the series name e.g. MO, and then the pump size. The number following the pump size refers to the number of stages/impellers in the side channel pump, e.g. 20 = 2 stages. The more stages within the Azcue pump, the higher the pressure capabilities of a pump of the same size. If an Azcue side channel pump has the letters RR, it indicates the presence of a secondary bearing and mechanical seal to share the load of the operation.

Azcue Screw Pumps

As with the other Azcue pump families, the same goes for the Azcue screw pumps and the first letters always reflect the series type. After this are the two numbers that identify the pump size, which is determined by the diameter of the central screw, a letter that represents the pressure range and another that indicates whether the screw lead is normal, small or rough. The presence of either MT, HT or TS indicate that the materials of the pump casing and mechanical seal differ from the standard model. This is usually to accommodate a higher fluid temperature than usual:

  • Standard – GG25 pump casing and Graphite, Hardened Steel & Viton Seal capable of handling up to 100⁰C
  • MT – GGG40 pump casing and Graphite, Hardened Steel & Viton Seal capable of handling up to 130⁰C
  • HT-TS – GGG40 pump casing and Carb. Silc and Viton Seals capable of handling up to 155⁰C

Finally, if there is another letter after this, it will determine that rather than there being an inner discharge valves, it has an outer discharge valve E or has been specified without one S.

Looking for an Azcue pump?

Looking for an Azcue pump?

If you're looking for a replacement Azcue pump, genuine spares or maybe a pump for a new application, then why not take a look at the full Azcue pump range by clicking here? From centrifugal pumps, to screw pumps, to side channel pumps plus many more pump types, view our full Azcue pump offering here.

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