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Boyser RBT-40 Peristaltic Pump

High Viscosity & Chemical Pump

Boyser RBT-40 Peristaltic Pump
Boyser RBT-40 Peristaltic Pump
Max Flow Rate 81.66lpm
Max Head 150M
Inlet/Outlet 1 1/2"
Solids Size 40mm

Max Flow Rate 81.66lpm
Max Head 150M
Inlet/Outlet 1 1/2"
Solids Size 40mm

The Boyser RBT-40 Series  Peristaltic Pump is the largest of our hose pumps, with the highest performance capabilities in the range. Its rugged design makes this self priming peristaltic pump extremely heavy duty and capable of efficient operation in the harshest of environments where other pumps fail due to issues such as dry running damage, clogged valves and seal failures.

One of the largest benefits of the peristaltic hose pump design is that the hose is the only wearing part, which is easy to clean and replace, making it simple and low cost to maintain relative to other pumping technologies. Thanks to its internal hose being available in a variety of materials, its ability to handle solids, fluids with little moisture and shear sensitive mediums these Boyser pumps are extremely versatile. The wide range of applications that it is suitable for include oily sludge, bilge water, oils, shear sensitive liquids, slurries with solids present, dewatering, drainage of tanks, emergency pump leakages, food stuffs, acids, lime milk and muds. 

As a shoe operated peristaltic hose pump rather than a roller operated one, the Boyser RBT is capable of higher pressures than other peristaltic pumps on the market, making them suitable for pumping viscous fluid long distances.

Features of the RBT peristaltic hose pump:

  • Good suction lift and self priming up to 9 metres
  • Can dry run without damage and handle fluids with low moisture content
  • Inner hose available in a variety of materials for compatibility with almost any fluid.
  • Seal-less design makes them less likely to leak – ideal for chemicals and aggressive fluids
  • Can handle solids up to pretty much the size of the peristaltic pump inlet/outlet and high viscosities up to 30000cSt
  • Gentle pumping motion and low rpm means that they can handle shear sensitive fluids without disrupting the fluid’s natural structure
  • Reversible operation allowing tank to tank transfer and the recovering of fluid from the dispensing hose if required at the end of transfer
  • Excellent accuracy +/-1% and motor speed is proportional to flow making it ideal for dosing applications
  • Patented double conical hose clamp to ensure leak free connection
  • Heavy duty internal ball bearing box that means the motor and gear reducer shaft do not have to support of all of the load, adding strength and increasing life span
  • Wrapped inner and outer hose, reinforced with high density pressed Nylon for longer life
  • Simple and lost cost to maintain thanks to the hose being the only wearing part, which is easy to clean and replace, and the absence of valves and seals that can clog and wear.
  • Available with a range of accessories including pulsation dampener, leak detector and inverter
  • Variety of drive options which include fixed or variable speed (with speed control)
  • 230v, three phase 50hz / 60hz motors available
  • ATEX approved, marine certification and food grade certification available

For more information on the workings of peristaltic pumps, please read our guide.

Accessories Available

Inline Pulsation Dampener Ensures a continuous, smooth flow for the accurate use of flow meters and pressure switches. By eliminating vibrations and hammering, operation is relatively quiet and working life is increased.
Hose Leakage Sensor Should the only wearing part of the pump (the hose) fail, the sensor can shut off the pump or activate an alarm to allow the situation to be addressed quickly. This makes the pump ideal for remote installations or where hazardous fluids are handled.
Vacuum Assisted Priming Improves the pump's self-priming capability in installations involving particularly viscous fluids or difficult suction conditions.
Halar (ECTFE) Coating Improves the corrosion resistance of the pump in chemical or other hazardous applications.
PP/PDV Connections As standard, connections are Stainless Steel, but for chemical applications they can be supplied in alternative materials. 
Integrated Control Panel Can be configured as per the user requirements with features such as on/off, speed control, reversing switch, flow and pressure display, leakage warning. 
Trolley or Base Plate For the flexibility of installation and enhanced mobility where required.
Inverter Pump speed can be slowed down to the required flow, extending the life span of the motor by not making is unnecessarily work to full capacity, and reducing wasted energy costs. 
Feed Screw & Hopper For the pumping of highly viscous fluids that don't flow with ease and are prone to breakages.
  • Geared motor
  • Motor variator with gear reducer
  • Geared motor with integrated inverter

The Boyser RBT Series Peristaltic Hose Pumps are available with the following material options:


The Bosyer RBT peristaltic pump are the ideal solutions for applications where typically, other pumping technologies fail. The following benefits make peristaltic pumps ideal for heavy duty site applications, various chemicals and process liquids and abrasive and viscous slurries.

  1. Abrasion resistant – Can handle highly viscous slurries, dry mediums and fluids containing sharp, large or stringy solids such as metal, stones and rags without damage or clogging.
  2. Low maintenance – The inner hose is the only wetted part to clean and replace. With no valves to clog and no seals to fail, the cost of spares and length of downtime is limited.
  3. Leak free - Being seal-free peristaltic hose pumps are unlikely to leak fluid making them ideal for aggressive chemicals and process liquids. Boyser models also have a patented double conical hose clamp for leak free connection.
  4. Self-priming & dry running – As fluid isn’t required to be constantly present; peristaltic pumps can run dry without costly damage if left operating and can self-prime up to 8m.
  5. Gentle pumping action – Suitable for shear sensitive products that can be damaged or altered by the operation of other pumping technologies such as clay or cement.
  6. Reversible operation - Perfect for tank to tank transfer and the recovery of fluid from the hoses after dispensing to prevent leakages when disconnecting the pump and moving it. 

Peristaltic hose pumps are able to handle highly viscous, dry and solid laden mediums with no damage, making them a popular choice for harsh and abrasive applications. In addition, the wide variety of materials that the inner tube is available in, along with the peristaltic hose pump’s seal-less design, means that even the most of aggressive fluids and chemicals can be handled. This makes the RBT peristaltic pump ideal for applications including:

Marine ApplicationsIndustrial Applications
  • Black and grey water containing solids
  • Contaminated bilge water pumps
  • Fish waste pumping
  • Waste slurries
  • Fume scrubber pumps
  • Dredging pump
  • Oily sludges
  • Aggressive fluids and chemical pump
  • Cement, grout, clay and mud
  • Waste water transfer containing solids
  • Slurries and sludge pump
  • Sewage pumping
  • Organic waste e.g. food, manure and vegetation
  • Paint, ink, glue and dye
  • Process water and fluids

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