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Seawater Draw & Circulation for Aquaculture - Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

Case Study Download

Customer: Fish Farm

Application: Sea water transfer and circulating pump

Equipment Supplied: Long coupled self priming centrifugal pump

Customer Location: UK 

Equipment supplied

1 x Azcue AN Long Coupled Centrifugal Pump c/w Electric Priming

  • Model: AN-EP 65 125
  • Application: Seawater transfer and circulation
  • Casing : Bronze
  • Impeller: Bronze
  • Integrated control panel
  • Electric priming pump
  • 120M³H at 20M head.
Seawater Circulating Pump for Fish Farm


Castle Pumps received an enquiry from a customer in the aquaculture industry looking to farm fish on land. They required an aquaculture pump for seawater transfer to obtain seawater from the sea and then pump it across land to fill the fish farm tanks. The same pump would also be used to circulate this seawater within the tanks every 24 hours to keep it fresh and not stagnant, so that the fish breed well. The customer did not want to have to manually remember to operate the pump every day. In order to provide both services, the seawater pump had to be mounted some distance away from the sea. 

Key challenges

  • Able to handle seawater without corroding over time
  • Capable of drawing the fluid some distance
  • Avoid manual operation of the circulation pump


We specified a long coupled centrifugal pump cast in bronze, ensuring all wetted parts that come into contact with the seawater are non-ferrous and will not corrode overtime. As this aquaculture application relied on the pumps operating every 24 hours, the long coupled model is perfect as it benefits from a twin bearing, heavy duty design, which allows for have long service intervals of 4000 hours, ensuring little or no downtime.

As the pumps would be mounted some distance from the sea, a self priming centrifugal pump with tank was selected to enable the pump to prime 135M. The pump was fitted with pressure gauges to enable the customer to easily determine if the pump was running on curve, and pressure switch to enable automatic priming if the suction pressure should drop. A bespoke control panel was supplied with running, tripped and warning lights, as well as amp draw, voltmeter, anti-condensation heater and hour counters to enable the customer to automatically determine the intervals at which the pump would circulate the water within the tank, without manual worker intervention.

The sea water circulating pumps were manufactured, assembled and tested in 6 weeks from our key manufacturer Azcue pumps.

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.