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Electronic Healthcare Diagnostic Systems Manufacturer - Barrel Pump

Customer: Manufacturer of electronic healthcare diagnostic systems

Application: Pumping used washing fluid with ink residue

Equipment Supplied: Barrel pump complete with pneumatic motor

Location: UK

Equipment Supplied

Model:  Flux F430 Barrel Pump

  • Model: F430 Stainless Steel
  • Fluid: Organic solvent-based washing fluid with ink residue
  • Motor: F416 Compressed Air c/w ball valve for speed adjustment
  • Immersion length: 1500mm
  • Connections: DN 25, G 1 ¼
  • Body: AISI 316
  • Shaft: AISI 316
  • Impeller: ETFE
  • Motor: EX II 2G Ex h IIC T6 Gb / Pump: Ex II 1/2 G IIB T4


Castle Pumps Ltd received an interesting enquiry from a new customer who makes electronic diagnostic machines for use by healthcare professionals, for a  chemical transfer pump used in their manufacturing facility. The customer was due to have four new cleaning tanks installed, which would each hold 35 litres of a cleaning solution; a flammable blend of water-based organic solvents. This cleaning fluid is used to clean inks off their printing screens, which is sprayed onto the screens as they are turned by a pneumatic motor and runs off back into the tank. On a monthly basis, this cleaning solution needs to be emptied from the tank and replenished with clean fluid, as throughout the month a certain level of ink residue can build up at the bottom of the tank that has been washed off the screens.

The customer was currently using a peristaltic pump to empty the existing tanks but were finding it difficult as the tanks being quite deep meant they were leaning in over them to drop and retrieve the suction hose. This was something they wanted to avoid if possible.

Key challenges:

  • Safely handle the flammable solvents
  • Able to handle the sludge-like ink residue
  • Suitable for emptying tanks


Given the difficulties the customer was experiencing with their existing pump, our first objective was to solve the problem of having to lean into the tank. We have an established relationship with barrel pump manufacturer  Flux, whose range includes may models for drum, IBC and tank emptying, and knew that they would be able to offer something suitable. From their range, we selected a F430 pump with a 1500mm stainless steel shaft, ideal for fitting into the tank, and compatible with the corrosive nature of the solvents in the cleaning solution as detailed in the MSDS sheet supplied by the customer. This particular model of chemical pump is also designed to handle abrasives such as the ink residue present with minimal wear and is ideal for applications with medium changes. This is a huge benefit given that the used cleaning fluid’s viscosity can alter as the tank gets emptier and contains more of the inky sludge at the bottom.

Given that the customer already had compressed air on-site feeding the wash tanks, we specified the chemical pump with a pneumatic motor as opposed to an electric motor. To enable the safe handling of the flammable solvents, both the motor and pump supplied are certified as ATEX for use in hazardous applications.

As these Flux pumps are imperative to the efficient running of their process, we recommended that the customer also ordered a maintenance kit comprising the spare parts to ensure they had them ready on-site when required.

Searching for a chemical pump?

Searching for a chemical pump?

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