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High Viscosity Pumps

Need some advice? Our technical sales engineers are always on hand!

Viscous fluid pumps for thick slurries, oils, waste and food

The nature of high viscosity liquids can vary a lot from heavy fuel oils to solid laden sludges to paste-like adhesives and food products. For this reason, over the last 10 years, we have built a large offering of quality constructed viscous fluid pumps that includes a range of different pumping technologies to meet different application needs. Certain pump types such as centrifugal pumps struggle with thicker fluids due to frictional losses inside the pump causing flow rates to rapidly decline, whereas high viscosity pumps excel under such conditions. Specifying your solution is where Castle Pumps can help….

If you’re looking for an efficiently operating solution for the transfer of high viscosity slurries or mediums, then our technical sales engineers will select the right viscous fluid pump that won’t clog, slow or fail. Talk to us today!

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Benefits of our viscous fluid pump range

  • For viscosities up to 1,000,000 CP for even barely flowing, paste-like mediums
  • Models for handling solids up to 100mm in diameter
  • Smooth, pulsation-free models for handling shear sensitive fluids
  • Low flow rates for dosing applications right up to flow rates of 1200lpm
  • FDA, 3A and EHEDGC solutions for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical use
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Why Viscosity is Critical to Pump Selection

When specifying a pump for high viscosity fluids, we'll need to check what type of fluid you'll be pumping. Viscosity is critical for pump selection, and with so many different types of viscous fluids, it's no surprise that the range of viscosity can vary. Confirming the viscosity of the pumped medium will put you on track to getting the right pump for your application.

Want to learn why viscosity is important for pump selection? Read our article and find more information on how fluid viscosity affects your pump selection process!

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Past High Viscosity Pump Project

For over 10 years Castle Pumps have been specifying high viscosity pumps, helping customers with solutions to move their thick fluids efficiently.

In this case study, find out how we helped a groundworks contractor to transfer heavy grout with little moisture with one of our peristaltic pumps that has no moving parts to clog. By supplying the pump with bespoke control features, we managed to improve their productivity by 35-40%!

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Need help to select the right pump for your application? Contact us via sales@castlepumps.com or +44 (0) 1773 533 283; our technical sales engineers have extensive product knowledge and will be able to help you.

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