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Winery Company - Flexible Impeller Pump

Defined Wine - Liverani All in One Flexible Impeller Pump

Customer: Defined Wine

Application: Transfer of wine

Equipment Supplied: Liverani All in One Flexible Impeller Pump

Location: UK

Equipment Supplied 

Model: Liverani All in One Major 10-200 

  • Max Flow: 22500l/hr
  • Max Pressure: 160 Bar
  • Fluid: Wine
  • Body: Stainless Steel
  • Impellers: EPDM
  • Inlet/Outlet: DIN 40
  • Power: Three phase, 400v


Castle Pumps received an enquiry from Defined Wine, a contract winemaker based in the UK. They were looking for a food grade pump to transfer their wine around the winery at temperatures between 2 and 65⁰C. The customer stated that they were looking for a pump that could handle their maximum flow rate requirements of 15,000 litres per hour, however variable speed would be ideal to enable the volume of wine being transferred to be controlled.

In order to ensure the selected pump can handle the performance requirements of the application, it is important to understand the pressure capabilities it needs to meet. After discussing the application in more detail with the customer, the customer informed us that whilst they would be using the pump primarily to fill barrels, they would like the same pump to be able to carry out tank to tank transfer. This would require a maximum head pressure of 8m. 

As well as the above, the customer requested remote control to be a pump feature and reverse operation.

Key challenges:

  • Food grade for safe handling of wine
  • Various control and operating features
  • Portability for use around the winery


Given that the application was for wine transfer, we knew straight away that this was a job for our flexible impeller pump range. Their low shear operation, food grade construction and smooth, steady pumping make them ideal for the accurate filling of barrels without altering the consistency of the wine. They are also able to handle small solids, enabling any sediment at the bottom of a tank to be handled without damage to the pump.

To ensure ease of manoeuvring around the winery, it was important that we offered a trolley mounted flexible impeller pump from our range. The additional customer requested requirements such as the remote control, variable speed drive and reversible operation meant that the new Liverani All-in-One solution was a perfect fit.

The Liverani All-in-One flexible impeller pump is the ideal solution for winemakers who could benefit from having more control over their wine transfer operations and have less of their workers’ time spent operating the pump. The addition of the control panel allows the user to schedule, automate, control, monitor and review wine transfer and filling operations. From the pre-set barrel filling setting to enable multiple barrels of the same size to be filled without the operator having to set all dispenses up individually, to the free transfer option to enable tank to tank transfer, this solution met Defined Wine’s requirements exactly.

After consulting the performance tables of the Liverani All-in-One table, we specified the Major 10-200 as this was able to meet the flow and pressure requirements of the application nicely. The customer was offered a choice of 230v or three phase 400v, which they then selected the latter of.

Defined Wine - Liverani All in One Flexible Impeller Pump

This wine transfer pump solution was delivered within 4 weeks of the customer placing the order, and has been working great for them ever since.

Assistant Winemaker Poppy said: “The Liverani pump has been a great addition to our cellar here at Defined in that it has an inbuilt flow meter so we can accurately measure volumes that we are transferring; a barrel filling programme so we can accurately and reliably fill barrels to a set volume and a remote control and touchscreen which are easy and intuitive to use. We also like the trolley it is mounted on, which enables us to manoeuvre it around the cellar with ease. It's a fast, reliable and versatile pump and we are really happy with it”. 

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.