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Industry & Manufacturing

Suppliers to the general industrial market

Whilst our other Industries Served pages focus on very specific markets, we also specify and supply pumps for use in unlimited types of general manufacturing plant, industrial outlet or factory for any process. Castle Pumps have dealt with a large variety of industrial companies over the years, ranging from electrical and engineering firms to metal manufacturers.

Castle Pumps understand the importance of quality and reliability in industrial applications, as downtime for any company costs time and money. We therefore ensure that not only quality pumps are used, but that we also closely match the required specification so that the pump is not under any unnecessary strain. Our technical sales engineers’ experience and knowledge is vital for the industrial and manufacturing markets, as for certain applications pumps need to comply with certain industrial standards. 

Our pump range for industry & manufacturing

Pump applications within industry and manufacturing are unlimited, and for that reason the pumps used are usually referred to process pumps. Process pumps are generally considered to be any type of pump in a fixed installation that is designed for a specific industrial process. For this reason, a process pump could be any design of pump and constructed of any type of material, however they are often cast iron or stainless steel. 

In the majority of cases, industrial customers require pumps that are easy to maintain without having to remove the pump from its pipework, and therefore a back pull out design pump is often specified. It is also common in industry for a DIN24255/EN733 approved pump to be required, as these are dimensionally interchangeable and therefore they can be replaced with any other pump certified to the same standard.

Other considerations for industrial pumps are whether an ATEX or API approved pump is required, for example where flammable liquid is being handled or whether the area where the pump is operating is a potentially explosive environment. For chemical processes an ISO2858 pump may be needed, which covers the dimensions, performance and robustness of the pump.

Some of our industry projects

Below are examples of projects that we have worked on:

Electrical Contractor
1 x Horizontal Internal Eccentric Gear Pump c/w Heating Jacket on Cover

Refrigeration Engineers
2 x Horizontal Close-coupled Centrifugal Pumps with Air Priming Ejectors

Ink Manufacturer
1 x Stainless Steel Eccentric Worm Barrel Pump

Polymer Production Facility
1 x Internal Eccentric Gear Pump c/w Variable Speed Drive

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.