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Abrasive Fluid Pumps

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Abrasion resistant pumps for coarse, harsh liquids

As a supplier of abrasion resistant pumps for over 15 years, Castle Pumps know the pumps to avoid for handling even the smallest of solids. Due to the tight tolerances between the casing and the moving parts, some pumping technologies will experience immediate wear to the internal components even when passing the smallest of solids. However, with the pumping of fluids containing solids being a common requirement from dewatering to waste to food processing, we have built up a large selection of reliably performing abrasive fluid pumps to solve your requirements. When it comes to handling abrasive fluids, there is no one size fits all and getting it wrong can result in clogging and expensive, regular wear. That’s where Castle Pumps are here to help you.

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Benefits of our abrasion resistant pump range

  • Models for handling solids up to 100mm in diameter
  • For water and viscosities up to 1,000,000 CP for the thickest of fluids
  • Various materials from stainless to cast iron to plastic for wide fluid compatibility
  • Options to pass solids whole or chop/grind solids for easy handling down the line
  • Strainers available for removing any large, unwanted solids prior to pumping
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Past abrasive fluid pump project

Castle Pumps have been specifying abrasive fluid pump solutions for over 15 years, helping customers with trouble-free particle handling.

Read this case study to find out how we helped a chicken factory who were experiencing hours of downtime every day due to their existing pump clogging with feathers and bones. By specifying a vertical immersion pump complete with vortex impeller to pass large solids without them coming into contact with the pump internals, we saved the customer £000s in productivity losses.

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Abrasive solids handling pumps

The pumping of abrasive fluids containing solids is not a rare requirement, with many different industries carrying out such a process. However, the nature of solid content can massively differ from highly abrasive stones and sharp metal shards to clogging solids such as rags, tissue and fruit juice pulp, right down to soft, malleable solids often found in food processing. 

So, when it comes to abrasion resistant pumps there isn't a one size fits all. To discover more about abrasive fluids and which pumps are suitable for the industries involved, we've put together this article explaining everything you need to know.

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