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Drilling Specialist

Customer: Drilling Specialist / Ground Stabilisation 

Application: Heavy Grout Transfer 

Location: UK

Equipment Supplied

1 x FMP-80 Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump

  • Horizontal Peristaltic Pump
  • 15 kW/400V/3Ph/50Hz/IP-55/1450 RPM
  • Output speed: 30 rpm
  • Duty: 10 - 30 m³/h at 80 metre
  • Working speed: 13 - 39 rpm
  • Frequency range: 20 - 65 Hz


This UK customer had a requirement for a pump with the ability to handle heavy grout. At the time, they were using a MAT HP-50 hose pump and although they were happy with the capacity and robust design of the pump, the MAT unit wasn't 100% suitable for their application, as it was lacking some control features that could make their lives a lot easier.

One of the main problems they had was having to operate the pump manually, which meant an engineer had to stay next to the pump when starting/stopping operation. 

This seriously affected productivity, as having to work this way meant a member of their team was spending 50 - 60% of their time simply switching the pump on and off and making sure correct working pressure and flow was maintained.


A completely bespoke close coupled peristaltic pump specifically designed for the customer's application, maintaining the robust design of the MAT unit and adding all of the required control features. Our pump was supplied with Bauer quick coupling connections, control panel/speed dial control, inverter drive, torque control/indicator, start/stop remote control with a range of 150 metres and hose leakage indicator. 

The above features allowed our customer to have a full team on the actual job as the pump was able to be controlled remotely and therefore no man power had to be spent on this. They could also control the speed and pressure of the peristaltic hose pump and consequently the flow, meaning their efficiency and productivity went up 35-40% as they could now pump the specific quantity of material, (grout) required, evidently this meant waste was also cut down significantly. The end result for our customer was a 30% increase on profitability. 

Some of the benefits of the FMP Peristaltic Pump supplied:

  • Dry running capability without any damage
  • Seal-less design
  • Reversible rotation system
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Available with leakage detector
  • Available with integrated inverter
  • Design pressure up to 8 bar
  • Automatic stop
  • Single hinged door closed with a single bolt to enable quick hose removal by a single person
  • Automatic stop on over pressure
  • Roller design ensures long life expectancy
  • Drainage port at bottom of casing to ensure easy product removal
  • Patented hose coupling design ensures zero leakage from hose connections
  • Speed control ensures low flows can be accommodated ensuring waste is limited

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