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Leisure Yacht

Customer: Leisure Yacht 

Location: UK

Equipment supplied 

2 Qty - Horizontal progressive cavity wobble pumps for discharging sewage tank 

  • Pumped fluid: Sewage
  • Flow: 5.5m3/h
  • Discharge pressure: 1 Bar
  • S/discharge Ø: 1 ½” BSP
  • P. casing: Cast iron GG25
  • Stator: NBR
  • Rotor: AISI 304L / W.1.4306
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • RPM: 1400
  • 400V/3Ph/50Hz

1 Qty - Horizontal progressive cavity wobble pump for discharging oily waste water tank 

  • Pumped fluid: Oily waste water
  • Flow: 2.6m3/h
  • Discharge pressure: 1 Bar
  • S/discharge Ø: 1 ¼” BSP
  • P. casing: Cast iron GG25
  • Stator: NBR
  • Rotor: AISI 304L / W.1.4306
  • Power: 0.75 kW
  • RPM: 900
  • 400V/3Ph/50Hz


Castle Pumps were contacted by an engineering company in charge of refurbishing a leisure yacht. They were having difficulty sourcing pumps for the sewage and oily waste water tank. The main issue they were having was that they weren't able to find surface mounted self-priming pumps small enough to fit the space available, and also perform the required duty. The space available for the pumps was only 800MM (L) X 500MM (W) X 600MM (H).


Progressive cavity pumps are typically used for these applications on board vessels as they are able to handle solids/viscous fluids and are self-priming; however standard units were too long to fit the space available. Castle Pumps are a distributor for a unique range of progressive cavity pumps called wobble pumps, these are much shorter in length than traditional progressive cavity pumps; however they are still self-priming and able to handle solids. We supplied our R40L and R64 models with casing iron casings and NBR stators, with total pump lengths of only 729MM and 553MM respectively.

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