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Azcue VRX Vortex Impeller Vertical Immersion Pump

Waste Water & Fish Waste Pump

Azcue VRX Vortex Impeller Vertical Immersion PumpAzcue VRX Vortex Impeller Vertical Immersion Pump
Flow Rate Up to 500M3H
Max Head (pressure) Up to 30M
Outlet Sizes DN 50-200
Max Temperature Max 100C

Flow Rate Up to 500M3H
Max Head (pressure) Up to 30M
Outlet Sizes DN 50-200
Max Temperature Max 100C

The Azcue VRX Vertical Immersion Pump is the immersed version of the VRX horizontal centrifugal pump. Supplied with a vortex impeller, this cantilever pump creates a vacuum so that large solids can pass through without interfering with the pump’s internals. This vertical column pump is therefore ideal for applications involving waste water, slurries and viscous, contaminated liquids.

As this series of Azcue pump is immersed into the tank it is well suited to applications where space saving is required or where if the pump was located outside the suction distance would be too long. The immersed column of the VRX vertical cantilever pump is oil filled for mechanical seal cooling, allowing fluids up to 100°C to be handled.

The bottom bearing lubrication enables dry running of the vertical shaft pump, meaning that start-stop float switches are not required. 

Features of the VRX Vertical Cantilever Pump:

  • Centrifugal immersion pump
  • Pump manufactured in Spain
  • Marine type approved by all classification societies
  • Vortex impeller for the large free passage of solids
  • Ideal for space saving installations
  • Available in cast iron, 316 stainless steel and bronze for seawater
  • Oil cooled mechanical seal
  • Bottom bearing lubrication for dry running
  • 230v, three phase 50Hz/60Hz motors available. IP55 as standard.


The VRX Vortex Impeller Vertical Immersion Sump Pump is available in the following materials:

G-CusN5zNpB (Rg5)
AISI 316 (SS)
Chicken Factory

Chicken Factory

This customer was having daily issues with a pump brought from another supplier. The pump, which was transferring blood, water and feathers; was clogging every day, halting production and costing them £0000's in downtime. We decided to visit the site to get a greater understanding of the customer's requirements. From there, we came up with a pumping solution fit for purpose, which has been running for over 3 months (& counting) clog free.



Some of the enquiries we receive here at Castle Pumps are straight forward and give us all the information that we need to specify a pump. This fishery company enquired asking us for a specific type of pump and told us the exact fluid and contents that they'd be pumping. This information enabled us to proceed quickly with our recommendation and then onto the manufacture and supply of the pumps.

Shipping Company

Shipping Company

Castle Pumps have a wealth of experience supplying pumps to the marine industry, and we ensure that we match the features of the pump to the specific application at hand. This case study demonstrates this, as we knew that for guaranteed reliability for emptying a sump of sea water and waste solids, a pump with vortex non-clogging impellers would be required and the material would be best in bronze to avoid corrosion from the sea water.

Marine Applications:Industrial Applications:
  • Black and grey water containing solids
  • Contaminated bilge water pumps
  • Fish waste pumping
  • Waste slurries
  • Waste water transfer containing solids
  • Slurries and sludges
  • Sewage pumping
  • Organic waste e.g. food, manure and vegetation

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