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Boyser FMP Series Peristaltic Pump

Bilge Pump & Dewatering Pump

Boyser FMP Series Peristaltic Pump
Flow Rate 100 to 44,000L/hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 8 bar
Inlet/Outlet Sizes 1 1/4” to 2 1/2” Triclamp, DIN11851, SMS, NPT, PP, HALAR Connections

Flow Rate 100 to 44,000L/hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 8 bar
Inlet/Outlet Sizes 1 1/4” to 2 1/2” Triclamp, DIN11851, SMS, NPT, PP, HALAR Connections

The Boyser FMP Series Peristaltic Pump is a self priming, positive displacement hose pump ideal for highly viscous and drainage applications. The FMP series can reach a maximum pressure of 8 bar whilst providing varying flow rates from 100 to 44,000 L/hr. FMP peristaltic tube pumps are able to self-prime up to 9 metres and is also available with vacuum equipment to improve the suction performance for the harshest of applications. 

These peristaltic pumps have an internal hose that comes in a range of materials to handle a range of products. The core applications for the Boyser FMP self priming hose pump include sewage, bilge water, shear sensitive liquids, high solids slurries, dewatering, drainage of tanks, emergency pump leakages, food stuffs, acids, oils, lime milk and muds.

  • Self priming pump up to 9 m.w.c.
  • Available with vacuum equipment for improved suction performance
  • Solid handling size 7 to 16.3mm
  • Able to run dry without damage
  • Seal-less
  • Reversible rotation system
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Available with feed screw for heterogeneous products
  • Available with pulsation dampener
  • Available with leakage detector
  • Available with integrated inverter
  • Variety of drive options which include fixed or variable speed (with speed control)
  • 230v, three phase 50hz / 60hz motors available
  • ATEX approved
  • Marine certification available
Marine ApplicationsIndustrial Applications
  • Black and grey water containing solids
  • Contaminated bilge water pumps
  • Fish waste pumping
  • Waste slurries
  • Fume scrubber pumps
  • Dredging pump
  • Aggressive fluids and chemical pump
  • Waste water transfer containing solids
  • Slurries and sludge pump
  • Sewage pumping
  • Organic waste e.g. food, manure and vegetation
  • Food transfer pump
  • FMP-30 – 1 ¼” connection. 8 bar max pressure. 0.43 l/rev capacity.
  • FMP-40 – 1 ½” connection. 8 bar max pressure. 0.86 l/rev capacity.
  • FMP-50/B – DN40 connection. 8 bar max pressure. 1.47 l/rev capacity.
  • FMP-60 – DN50 connection. 8 bar max pressure. 3.16 l/rev capacity.
  • FMP-70 – DN65 connection. 8 bar max pressure. 6.72 l/rev capacity.

The Boyser FMP Series Peristaltic Tube Pumps are available with the following material options:

Drilling Specialist

Drilling Specialist

This customer needed to replace their current pump as it was not completely suitable for their application - lacking control features which meant supervision was required when start/stopping the pump. We provided them with a completely bespoke peristaltic pump specifically designed for their application. It had all the desired control features, allowing supervision-free operation and improving their productivity.

Highland Railways

Highland Railways

Castle Pumps are always on hand to provide a solution to your pumping problems. This company contacted us because their current pumps were not performing as they should and kept getting clogged up. Space was also an issue for this customer, however, we were able to supply an ideal pump for their application which we adapted to minimise the footprint and provide an easy installation process.

Chemical Production Company

Chemical Production Company

On occasions, the required specifications don't make for a difficult selection. This company needed a pump suitable for chemicals, to be transferred from tank to tank with a low flow rate. Our selection was based upon the capabilities of the pump in question, and it's ability to slow down the flow rate to the desired range. This customer was happy with our suggestion and placed the order within 2 days of their initial enquiry.

Home Fragrance Manufacturer

Home Fragrance Manufacturer

One of the UK's largest home fragrance manufacturers enquired about a pump for transferring wax at 60°C, which could do a number of batches within a set time frame. Due to prior experience, we knew which pump would be the best solution for their specific requirements and were able to supply an industrial peristaltic pump, that was low maintenance and relatively low cost.

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