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Support grows for the Ballast Water Management Convention

Support grows for the Ballast Water Management Convention

9th December 2015

Ballast Water Management (BWM) convention gets backing from Morocco and Indonesia – meaning the convention could soon be put into force for 2016.

Morocco and Indonesia have formally approved the convention, meaning they are the latest nations to join the list of those who have signed their support – leaving many of those within the industry waiting in anticipation, as this could well be the tipping point to putting this convention into force. 

Indonesia & Morocco sign support for BWM

The Ballast Water Management (BWM) convention is aimed at preventing the spread of harmful and aquatic species in ballast water being discharged from ships all over the world.

Ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations, but because of the huge amount of marine species – including bacteria, microbes, larvae and small invertebrates – carried within a ships ballast water, it can potentially lead to significant ecological and economic implications, whilst also causing serious health problems.

If the convention is put into force, ships of all sizes carrying dischargeable ballast water, must install a Ballast Water Management system, for which they may require pumps for. Ships will also have to carry a Ballast Water Record Book which will be needed to carry out BWM procedures. Parties to the convention will also be given the option to take additional measures – subject to criteria set out in the convention and IMO guidelines.

With Indonesia signing their support for the convention, a day after Morocco did the same, the total amount of support has risen to 32.93% – a figure very close to that of the 35% figure which would see the BWM criteria put into action.

This latest result has forced the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) – the UN’s specialised agency for the safety and security of shipping and prevention of marine pollution – to take action and could result in a recount of the world’s merchant shipping tonnage, meaning all members have to recalculate the gross tonnage of their fleets. Should this recount pass the 35% support criteria, the convention will come into effect on the 24th November 2016, a year since Indonesia signed the treaty.

Castle Pumps have been supplying pumps, spares and other equipment to the marine and offshore market since 1982 and subsequently, the offshore industry has become a large part of our business, resulting in it being an expert area for our technical sales engineers.

We supply pumping solutions – including those for ballast applications – for all container vessels, ferries, super yachts, cargo ships, offshore rigs and support vessels for any offshore purpose.

Castle Pumps are also approved members of the ISSA, IMPA and the British Association of Ship Suppliers and can supply pumps with relevant marine certification, as well as supply pumps in a variety of materials to help protect against corrosion caused by sea water.

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