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Boyser AMP Series Peristaltic Pump

Bilge Pump & Dewatering Pump

Boyser AMP Series Peristaltic PumpBoyser AMP Series Peristaltic PumpBoyser AMP Series Peristaltic PumpBoyser AMP Series Peristaltic Pump
Flow Rate 10 to 1200L/hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 8 bar
Inlet/Outlet Sizes 3/8” to 1” Triclamp, DIN11851, BSP, NPT

Flow Rate 10 to 1200L/hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 8 bar
Inlet/Outlet Sizes 3/8” to 1” Triclamp, DIN11851, BSP, NPT

The Boyser AMP Series Peristaltic Pump is a self priming, positive displacement hose pump ideal for difficult conditions including high viscosity, high suction lift and drainage. The AMP series of peristaltic tube pumps can produce up to 8 bar pressure while providing varying flow rates from 10 to 1200 L/hr. The AMP series is able to self prime up to 9 metres and can dry run thanks to it having no mechanical seal to maintain.

Thanks to the internal hose being available in a variety of materials, Boyser AMP self priming peristaltic pumps can handle even the harshest of products. The wide range of applications that it is suitable for include oily sludge, bilge water, oils, shear sensitive liquids, slurries with solids present, dewatering, drainage of tanks, emergency pump leakages, food stuffs, acids, lime milk and muds.

Features of the AMP peristaltic hose pump include:

  • Self priming pump up to 9 m.w.c.
  • Solid handling size 10 to 22mm
  • Able to run dry without damage
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Seal-less
  • Reversible rotation system
  • Excellent accuracy +/- 1%
  • Batch control equipment available
  • Available with pulsation dampener
  • Available with leakage detector
  • Available with integrated inverter
  • Variety of drive options which include fixed or variable speed (with speed control)
  • 230v, three phase 50hz / 60hz motors available
  • ATEX approved
  • Marine certification available
Marine ApplicationsIndustrial Applications
  • Black and grey water containing solids
  • Contaminated bilge water pumps
  • Fish waste pumping
  • Waste slurries
  • Fume scrubber pumps
  • Dredging pump
  • Chemical dosing pump
  • Waste water transfer containing solids
  • Slurries and sludge pump
  • Sewage pumping
  • Organic waste e.g. food, manure and vegetation
  • Food transfer pump
  • AMP-10/B – 3/8” connections. 8 bar max. 0.023 l/rev capacity.
  • AMP-13/B – 3/8” connections. 8 bar max. 0.038 l/rev capacity.
  • AMP-16/C – ¾” connections. 8 bar max. 0.092 l/rev capacity.
  • AMP-19/C – 1” connections. 2 bar max. 0.123 l/rev capacity.
  • AMP-22 – 1” connections. 8 bar max. 0.246 l/rev capacity.

The Boyser AMP Series Peristaltic Tube Pumps are available with the following material options:

NR & NR-ANBR & NVR-AEPDMSantopreneNorpreneTygonHypalon


Castle Pumps' experience in the pump market means that the customer is always advised on the ideal type of pump for their application. In this example where a saline solution needed to be transferred slowly, Castle Pumps knew that a peristaltic pump was a perfect fit due to its low flow rate and the fact that the only wetted part that needs to be compatible with the solution was the hose.

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