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Anaerobic Digestion

Suppliers to the Anaerobic Digestion market

Biogas Plant

With waste reduction, the environment and energy consumption dominating innovation and governments policies, renewable energy and in particular Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a growing industry. Anaerobic Digestion, the process of manure, food waste and crops being fermented to produce biogas that can be used to generate energy, is a market which our technical sales engineers have been specifying and supplying pumps to regularly.

The equipment required in biogas plants needs to be able to deal with the abrasive nature of the biomass. Pumps not suited to the application, or up to the performance requirements could cause costly downtime in the product plant. For that reason, Castle Pumps only supply pumps from quality manufacturers and ensure that all pumps specified match the requirements of the application. 

Our biogas pump range

Pumps are required at all stages of biogas production, including the transferring the high-solid biomass slurries into the digester, as well as the remaining digestate left over that needs to be transferred for storage before being used as fertiliser. Due to the abrasive nature of the medium being pumped, the viscosity of the slurries, and the high chance of solids, the AD market demand reliable and durable sludge pumps with good solid handling capabilities.

Amongst the pumps that we sell to the Anaerobic Digestion market include progressive cavity pumps. Thanks to their ability to handle viscous slurries and solids, they are a popular choice in applications where other pumps may not withstand the conditions. They have a great suction capacity and can deal with high pressures making them suitable for pumping over large distances. The below diagram shows where progressing cavity pumps are often used in biogas plants, and which model of our range is specifically suitable for which application.

Pumps for AD plants

Also popular within biogas production plants are peristaltic pumps, which again can handle high pressures, high solid slurries and aggressive products. This is because the only part of the pump that comes into contact with the liquid is a flexible inner tube. 

Some of our Anaerobic Digestion projects

See below for examples of solutions we have provide the biogas industry in the past:

Anaerobic Digestion Plant
1 x Heavy Duty Peristaltic Pump for Organic Waste Sludge

Fore more information on the applications that pumps are required for in the AD market, and which models of pumps are most suited to each stage in the production of biogas, read this guide

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