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Gear Pumps

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External modular, helical and internal gear pumps

Castle Pumps have been supplying high-quality gear pumps for over 15 years. Suitable for clean, high viscosity liquids such as fuels, oils, paints and soaps, gear pumps are among the most common types of positive displacement pumps. The beauty of our range of gear pumps is that they provide controllable, smooth flow and self-priming capabilities, making them perfect for batching applications as well as those where fluctuations in the temperature impact viscosity as they remain efficient. Whilst suited to these applications, we recommend screw pumps for fuels and oils; read our guide for comparison.

Searching for a reliable solution that can handle viscous fluids and provide a smooth flow?

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The benefits of our gear pump range

  • Ability to handle high-pressure applications and pump high viscosity fluids over long distances.
  • Excellent self-priming capabilities thanks to their rotating gears evacuating any air in the suction line, and forcing the liquid into the pump inlet
  • Reversible operation: ideal for filling and emptying containers or in applications where excess fluid needs to be returned to prevent it from sitting in the pipework.
  • Steady and pulse-less flow, providing a more reliable measure of the fluid that has passed through
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Past gear pump project

At Castle Pumps we have extensive product knowledge and over 15 years of expertise in providing gear pumps for the industrial market.

Read our case study and find how we helped an engineering company that needed a quick turnaround on a pump for bitumen emulsion at 50ºC operating temperature, that needed to maintain the fluid temperature. After further investigation to decide which pump would be best suitable for their application, we specified a perfect gear pump for their requirements.

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Gear Pump Guide

Gear pumps are one of the most popular types of positive displacement pumps. This pumping technology can be found in two different variations, external and internal gear pumps, suitable for specific applications. Commonly used for the transferring high viscosity oils and other lubricating fluids at relatively high pressures., gear pumps have a number of advantages but also some drawbacks that you need to consider when selecting this pump type for your process.

Want to find more information about how gear pumps work and what are their design benefits? Read our pump guide and learn everything you need to know about gear pumps.

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Screw Pumps vs Gear Pumps

When it comes to transferring fuels, oils, and other lubricating fluid, screw pumps and gears are usually the preferable choices. But what are the differences and advantages of these pump technologies? Whilst a gear pump is more than an acceptable option for the handling of lubricating fluids, the design of the screw pump has several advantages over it, including smoother, lower vibration pumping, better suction capabilities and smaller footprint.

To make these features as clear as possible, we have constructed a comparison table and detailed guide where you can find all the differences between these two pumping solutions.

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Need help to select the right pump for your application? Contact us via or +44 (0) 1773 533 283; our technical sales engineers have extensive product knowledge and will be able to help you.

Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes: Our accreditation A division of the CTS Group, Part of Flow Max Ltd.