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Liverani VA Flexible Impeller Pump

Viscous Fluid Pump & Shear Sensitive Pump

Liverani VA Flexible Impeller PumpLiverani VA Flexible Impeller PumpLiverani VA Flexible Impeller PumpLiverani VA Flexible Impeller PumpLiverani VA Flexible Impeller Pump
Flow Rate Up to 44 m³/Hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 27 M
Max Temperature Max. 100°C
Max Viscosity Up to 50,000 cP
Outlet Sizes 1” BSP F up to DN 100 mm

Flow Rate Up to 44 m³/Hr
Max Head (pressure) Up to 27 M
Max Temperature Max. 100°C
Max Viscosity Up to 50,000 cP
Outlet Sizes 1” BSP F up to DN 100 mm

The Liverani VA Flexible Impeller Pump is a mechanically controlled, low cost variable speed offering. With this option you able to vary the flow capability by means of manually adjusting the output speed on the gear box via a dial. With the VA flexible vane pump series, flow control is not quite as accurate as the INV flexible impeller pump, but offers a decent flow range adjustment. The wheel on the side of the adjuster displays a reference to the rotational speed. 

The flexible impeller pump, or flexible vane pump as it is otherwise known, is part of the positive displacement pump family renowned for its excellent dry self-priming ability. Due to this, it is commonly used when a good suction lift capacity is required within the application. Flexible impeller pumps are suitable for viscous fluids, slurries and liquids containing solids and gas in low pressure applications. Due to their hygienic construction they are also popular as a sanitary pump. 

NOTE: The required speed must be preset before the flexible impeller pump is started and cannot be adjusted during operation.

For more information on the working principle and typical applications read our flexible impeller pump guide.

  • Flexible vane pump with mechanically controlled variable speed drive
  • Smooth, low pulsing flow for handling shear sensitive liquid
  • Solids passage capability - 10mm (MINOR), 15mm (MAJOR), 25mm (MAXI)
  • Self priming up to 6m without the need of a non return valve
  • Flexible impeller pumps can be run in both directions via a reversing switch mounted onto the panel
  • Pump head can be rotated and mounted in several positions
  • Wide range of connection types available including DIN, BSP Male & Female, Triclover, SMS, RJT, Friederich, Garolla, and Macron
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 Pipe Fittings for easy integration of the pump into existing applications are available on request to match any of the above connection types
  • NOTE: units are supplied with Garolla connections as standard with hose fittings, clamps and seals included
  • Pump Heads are SS304 as standard. SS 316 available on request
  • Unit can be supplied with or without a control panel
  • Can be fitted with dry-run protection (50ºC is the standard set temperature however 70ºC & 90ºC options are available on request and must be pointed out at order stage). Selection of this is determined by the fluid temperature
  • Spring loaded by-pass for the MINOR for manual adjustment of the pump capacity as well as operation with a nozzle

VA Bullet Diagram.JPG

  • Automatic drum filling kits are available complete with stainless steel nozzle, non return valve & pressure switch
  • Accessories include inverter drive for variable speed operation, dry run protection, pressure switch for automatic pumping, level sensors, remote control & radio operation
Marine ApplicationsIndustrial Applications
  • Contaminated bilge water pumping
  • Oil and lubricant transfer
  • Black and grey water pump
  • Sludge and slurries
  • Hygienic and food transfer applications
  • Chemical pumping
  • Waster water pump
  • Oil and lubricants

Key Benefits:


  • VA MINOR 40 – 1.5Kw, three phase 230-400v, 50Hz. 900 rpm. Max flow 6200 l/h, max head 24M.
  • VA MAJOR 60 – 1.87Kw, three phase 230-400v, 50Hz. 900 rpm. Max flow 19560 l/h, max head 16M.
  • VA MAXI 80 – 4Kw, three phase 230-400v, 50Hz. 600 rpm. Max flow 41400 l/h, max head 16M.

Material options for the VA flexible impeller hygienic pump:

Description Stainless Steel AISI 304 Stainless Steel AISI 316 Nitrile (NBR) Natural Rubber (NR) Neoprene (CR) EPDM Silicon (VMQ) St. St. / Graphite / NBR Tungsten Carbide / NBR Tungsten Carbide / Viton
Part List
Pump Body X X
Impeller X X X X X
Mechanical Seal X X X


1.Changes in Mechanical Seal Materials are at cost. All pumps are supplied with Ceramic / Graphite / NBR as standard.

2.Changes in Impeller Materials are Free of Charge. All pumps are supplied with Natural Rubber Impellers as standard.

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