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Etatron AP Series Dosing Piston Pump

Dosing Pump

Etatron AP Series Dosing Piston Pump
Flow Rate 190L/hour
Max Head (Pressure) 20 bar
Max Temperature 40°C
Maximum Viscosity 2000cp

Flow Rate 190L/hour
Max Head (Pressure) 20 bar
Max Temperature 40°C
Maximum Viscosity 2000cp

The Etatron AP Series Fluid Dosing Pump is a mechanically driven piston pump manufactured with a spring return mechanism and gearbox immersed in an oil bath with an outside casing in aluminium. The gearbox converts the rotational movement created by the motor to a forward and back movement for the fluid metering pump head in which the length of piston movement is controlled via a dial allowing for between 10% -100% stroke length adjustment. V ring seals provide sealing for high temperature and corrosive environments, making the AP piston pump suitable in particular for the process, water and agricultural industries.

  • Piston type liquid dosing pump
  • Single Piece PTFE Diaphragm
  • Single or double ball check valve
  • 10% – 100% Stroke Length adjustment
  • Aluminium housing protected by epoxy paint
  • BSPM Thread connections
  • Available with 230V / 400V motors 50hz / 60hz Tropicalised motors, IP55 rated. ATEX Rated motor. Alternatively in bareshaft
  • Other options include Servo controlled motor mechanism servo controlled which accepts a 4-20ma input to control stroke length
  • Frequency inverter control
  • AP0022AA00100 - AISI 316L. AISI/NBR seals. 16mm Ø piston. 1/2" Gm valves. Max flow 22 L/H, max head pressure 20 Bar. 120 strokes/minute.
  • AP0077BA00100 - PVC. PVC/FPM seals. 30mm Ø piston. 1/2" Gm valves. Max flow 77 L/H, max head pressure 10 Bar. 120 strokes/minute.
  • AP0095BA00100 - PVC. PVC/FPM seals. 48mm Ø piston. 3/4" Gm valves. Max flow 95 L/H, max head pressure 4.5 Bar. 60 strokes/minute.

The AP Chemical Metering Pump is available in the following material options:

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